“Alhamdulillah! I turned 1 today! Must do more writing. 😊”

Sometimes, what you need to reach your goal is constructive criticism; sometimes, blind trust. But first and always, either or both must be self-directed. Be your own critic. To do this, strengthen self-love. 😊


It’s a juggling act. You assume so many roles that life throws you and people expect you to fill in them as easily as you put on your shoes and never miss a step. It’s a juggling act, but you can turn life around, make it a show, a good and valuable one. Put them on, those dancing shoes, don’t forget the music and gracefully juggle as only a woman can. ����


Freedom and Responsibility

We have to understand that we have a responsibility over every single thing we post on the Internet. No exceptions. That’s the consequence of technology and the freedom to make use of it. It is like the responsibility we have over every spoken word and every action made. Corollary to every freedom granted us is the responsibility over the results and consequences of exercising them. 😏 It’s a grown-up world after all. 😜


A Woman’s Strength

The strength of a woman is within. It is that ability to stand when everything is about to fall on her feet and the grace to bend when she’s at a breaking point. It is inside her where she finds the reason to smile when all the world around her is at a turmoil. And when a man is lucky enough, when he is man enough, she will find the reason within her to love him with all the strength of her heart. #randomthoughts 😉😏



Fairly recently, I made a shift.

I hesitated so many times over before I made the decision to finally shift. It wasn’t easy. Just thinking about it made me uneasy, insecure, vulnerable. I had so many reasons in my mind not to do it. But the few reasons that made me finally do it were more important than the many reasons against it.

I have read somewhere that to reach the other side of the ocean, you must lose sight of the shore. In my mind, I know this is true, in my heart, I feel this is right.

As soon as I became a lawyer some five years ago, my first job was in the judiciary, doing the thing I love—writing. Allah knows I tried my best. It was not easy doing it at first, but with determination and a lot of practice, I was doing it and doing it right. After more than three years, the comfortable and the familiar got rocked by a devastating news— my favorite boss, my mentor who gave me the trust I needed to boost my self-confidence in doing my job had a terminal illness which very shortly claimed his well-lived life.

For fourteen months after the demise of the distinguished Justice Sixto C. Marella, Jr., I worked for another notable man of justice, now retired Justice Ruben C. Ayson. His retirement rocked my comfortable and familiar life in the Court of Appeals. But this time, it was anticipated. And although I prepared myself, still it was a real rocking that left me questioning the things going on in my life and made me re-assess my goals. It was also time to move on. I was then coming to my fifth year in the legal profession, it was perfect time for me to shift.

I now work for another government institution, the Constitutional Commission on Elections. It is too early for me to call this home, so far, my work is unfamiliar. Everyday, I am learning. This is a venue for me to grow, to learn more about my profession, about myself and my capabilities as a person and as a lawyer, to stir to life the possibilities in me, and to somehow, in my own little way, help in making this world a better place. :-)

I keep telling myself, if I don’t lose sight of the shore, I will never reach the other side of the ocean. If I remain unwilling to leave the comfortable and the familiar, I will never know what it is like to live on the edge.

The best way to toughen up is to open ourselves to vulnerability, to be sometimes unsure of what to do, where to go. To live, we don’t only think of how long we have lived, but we also think of how deep we have loved, how far we have gone for the ones we love, how wide we have opened our arms to let love ones in, and how broad we have set the world for others to share.

Recently, I have experienced a lot of things. I am thankful for the people who made it possible—friends and family who cheered for me. I am thankful for that moment of indecision, that moment of hesitation that eventually paved the way for me to brave it.


Life’s Ironic

When I was still a student, I couldn’t wait to finish school, get out of the four corners of the classroom and prove my worth. Now that I am lawyer working for the government, trying my hardest to prove my worth, I cannot wait to surpass a goal so I can go back to school. Life is full of ironies. Life’s like that. If we don’t learn how to laugh, we don’t learn how to cope.

Pensive. I wasn’t expecting a click will result to this pensive look and expression on my face.

Pensive. I wasn’t expecting a click will result to this pensive look and expression on my face.



Ballpen. It’s my favorite inanimate object. 😄

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